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Were you recently diagnosed with a chronic illness and not sure what to do next? Or have you been sick for a while and need to get out of a rut? We can help you kickstart a new life... as a ChronicBabe!

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ChronicBabe Founder & Editrix knows what it's like to live with illness—our work comes from the heart.

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We believe you've got it in you to RAWK this life, no matter how sick you are. Yes!

Like Nothing Else

For nine years, Chronicbabe has taken a sassy, take-no-prisoners, ultra-glam approach to chronic illness.

If I can do it, so can you. I'm excited to teach you how to find peace, create life balance, and craft a life you love. Smooches!

Jenni Prokopy
Founder of ChronicBabe

OK, gorgeous. Get ready to lead a kick-ass life!

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